Snatchers anticipating the release of Pokemon Go
MANILA - Snatchers are already expanding their territory in preparation for the release of Pokemon Go in the Philippines.

Formerly a haven of snatchers, Quiapo and Recto are both being deserted for better opportunities in well-mapped areas in Metro Manila. "Mas maraming pwedeng masnatchan kapag dun kami nag-abang sa mga park," said one of 29-year-old snatcher veteran.

Snatchers have also devised a plan to have lookouts at Pokemon Go gyms to spot those too distracted to notice their surroundings once the game is released. Some have even started creating their own Pokemon costumes to trick aspiring trainers.
Alma Moreno wants Twitter to also suspend followers of parody account
MANILA, Philippines—Actress Alma Moreno is demanding social media site Twitter to suspend all followers of her parody account.

Following the suspension of the fake account that made fun of her, Moreno insisted that it was not just the unidentified person behind it that was in on the joke, but everyone who liked and retweeted the mocking posts as well.

"Kung hindi natin malaman kung sino [ang nasa likod ng fake account], e 'di... bakit hindi yung mga followers din 'di ba? Alamin kung sino yung mga tinatawanan ako, sila din naman pinagtawanan ako e. I-suspend sila kahit five days lang," Moreno said in an interview.

The account, with the username @LovelinessAlma, was created to parody the senatorial candidate based on her infamous ANC interview with host and news anchor Karen Davila. It gained followers and was retweeted a lot especially during the elections.

It was then taken down by Twitter per Moreno's camp's request.

"Masyado naman ako pinaglalaruan. Masyado naman ako binabastos na. Masakit, tama na," Moreno told Jobert Sucaldito on DZMM.

Now, the actress is calling for Twitter to suspend its followers as well.

"Pinapaayos ko na kay Wynwyn. Nagbigay na naman siya ng dalawang klase ng ID ko, may letter ko. Inaayos na namin. Kasi sila din naman pinaglaruan ako. Sila din may sala. Makabawi man lang ako sa sakit na dinulot nila," she added.

"Kahit five days lang."

Meanwhile, the failed senatorial candidate has wholeheartedly accepted her defeat in the 2016 elections, saying it was the "will of God".
KathNiel going on separate ways?
QUEZON CITY—Rumor has it that the popular tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, KathNiel, is going to break up.

According to various reliable sources, although the two have been really close to each other and possibly developed a relationship, management has decided that the Teen King and Queen will be taking on solo projects to "help them grow as actors".

After their latest teleserye, the remake of Pangako Sa'yo, and Bernardo's acting were criticized by viewers, management felt that it was time to let go of the love team that made her and Padilla household names.

"Fans have felt it, too," one of our sources says.

"Daniel['s acting] really has potential. The other, puro pabebe. Daniel has to spread his wings and fly solo. A lot of people would agree," he added.

When is this "breakup" going to happen?

"Soon. Very soon. I think they'll have one last project together, then solo na."

How do you feel about this? Should Kathryn and Daniel really go their separate ways?
James Reid and Nadine Lustre break up, various sources say
MANILA - James and Nadine of the love team JaDine have broken up, sources say.

Two months after the onscreen couple admitted their real life relationship to fans worldwide, sources close to them say that James Reid, 22, and Nadine Lustre, 22, broke up for still unknown reasons.

“One thing’s for sure, they don’t plan on telling anyone yet. This would be a huge blow to their career as a love team,” one source commented.

The two have reportedly been broken up for over a week now and are keeping mum.

Another source added that they are acting very professionally towards each other.

“Civil naman sila. Pero medyo cold sa isa’t isa when there are no fans around.”

Ever since the rise of the popular love team, Reid has been plagued with rumors alluding to his being a playboy, continuing even after he and Lustre became a couple.

Reid was recently met with criticism when a photo of him being chummy with a few of his friends, including his ex-girlfriend’s sister, was posted on Instagram.
Nadine Lustre's real-life boyfriend upset over JaDine's "latest and biggest gimmick"
Nadine Lustre's alleged real-life boyfriend speaks up about what he says is JaDine's "latest and biggest gimmick"—that Nadine and her onscreen partner, James Reid, are now officially a couple.

James and Nadine, also known as the popular love team JaDine, admitted their relationship to fans during their concert JaDine in Love last February 20.

According to Nadine's boyfriend whom we shall call "Ben", he accepted everything to protect his girlfriend's showbiz career—including keeping their relationship a secret—but having to take the back seat while they make everyone believe that she and James are a couple is already asking for too much.

"Even I never thought they would resort to that. Iba na 'yun, eh. Straight up panloloko sa [mga] tao," Ben says. "And I'm also human, I get hurt. And I'm hurting even more that she doesn't even seem to care about it."

"It seems like all she cares about now is her image," Ben added.

When asked why he chose to come out a month after JaDine's announcement and not earlier, he said, "I love Nadine. Everything I did, I did for her. I thought kaya ko pa tanggapin 'to. But I can't take it anymore. Also, niloloko lang nila fans nila, and kilig na kilig naman sila."

Isn't he afraid that this interview might hurt his relationship with Nadine?

"Honestly? I don't care anymore."
AlDub invited to The Ellen Show
MANILA—The Philippines’ most phenomenal love team has caught Ellen DeGeneres’ attention.

Several months of sitting at the top trending spot on social media site Twitter is sure to get you in the US talk show host’s radar. And that’s exactly what happened to Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards of the record-breaking tandem, AlDub.

According to Ellen, she was in awe with how the couple managed to be second to the Super Bowl as the highest trending topic on Twitter.

She has also expressed her interest in interviewing AlDub and invited them to come over to the US to guest on her talk show.

“I need to know their secret,” said the American host jokingly.

Ellen has just recently had Balang, the seven-year-old Pinoy YouTube sensation who became known after his dance videos went viral, for the third time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.