Alma Moreno wants Twitter to also suspend followers of parody account
MANILA, Philippines—Actress Alma Moreno is demanding social media site Twitter to suspend all followers of her parody account.

Following the suspension of the fake account that made fun of her, Moreno insisted that it was not just the unidentified person behind it that was in on the joke, but everyone who liked and retweeted the mocking posts as well.

"Kung hindi natin malaman kung sino [ang nasa likod ng fake account], e 'di... bakit hindi yung mga followers din 'di ba? Alamin kung sino yung mga tinatawanan ako, sila din naman pinagtawanan ako e. I-suspend sila kahit five days lang," Moreno said in an interview.

The account, with the username @LovelinessAlma, was created to parody the senatorial candidate based on her infamous ANC interview with host and news anchor Karen Davila. It gained followers and was retweeted a lot especially during the elections.

It was then taken down by Twitter per Moreno's camp's request.

"Masyado naman ako pinaglalaruan. Masyado naman ako binabastos na. Masakit, tama na," Moreno told Jobert Sucaldito on DZMM.

Now, the actress is calling for Twitter to suspend its followers as well.

"Pinapaayos ko na kay Wynwyn. Nagbigay na naman siya ng dalawang klase ng ID ko, may letter ko. Inaayos na namin. Kasi sila din naman pinaglaruan ako. Sila din may sala. Makabawi man lang ako sa sakit na dinulot nila," she added.

"Kahit five days lang."

Meanwhile, the failed senatorial candidate has wholeheartedly accepted her defeat in the 2016 elections, saying it was the "will of God".

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