Nadine Lustre's real-life boyfriend upset over JaDine's "latest and biggest gimmick"
Nadine Lustre's alleged real-life boyfriend speaks up about what he says is JaDine's "latest and biggest gimmick"—that Nadine and her onscreen partner, James Reid, are now officially a couple.

James and Nadine, also known as the popular love team JaDine, admitted their relationship to fans during their concert JaDine in Love last February 20.

According to Nadine's boyfriend whom we shall call "Ben", he accepted everything to protect his girlfriend's showbiz career—including keeping their relationship a secret—but having to take the back seat while they make everyone believe that she and James are a couple is already asking for too much.

"Even I never thought they would resort to that. Iba na 'yun, eh. Straight up panloloko sa [mga] tao," Ben says. "And I'm also human, I get hurt. And I'm hurting even more that she doesn't even seem to care about it."

"It seems like all she cares about now is her image," Ben added.

When asked why he chose to come out a month after JaDine's announcement and not earlier, he said, "I love Nadine. Everything I did, I did for her. I thought kaya ko pa tanggapin 'to. But I can't take it anymore. Also, niloloko lang nila fans nila, and kilig na kilig naman sila."

Isn't he afraid that this interview might hurt his relationship with Nadine?

"Honestly? I don't care anymore."

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