LOOK: Amber Rose posted a picture of the sex toys she used on Kanye West
TWITTER - Kanye West's sex life with Amber Rose is made public after the latter posted the sex toys she allegedly used in Yeezy's buttocks.

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After Kanye Went off on Wiz Khalifa for the latter mentioning Kim Kardashian in a tweet, the self-proclaimed "greatest artist of all time" has since apologized.

One Amber Rose, however, was definitely not cool with being referred to as a stripper in one of Kanye West's tweets. She teased at the fact that maybe West is upset because she's "not around to play in your asshole anymore."

After the tweet that caused Yeezy to delete his tirade against Wiz, things seemed to have cooled down until Amber Rose sent out another tweet that apparently contains all the toys she used to "massage Kanye's butt."

The tweet has since been deleted, but as we all know, once it goes on the internet, it's on the internet forever. The high resolution image in all its glory is below:

Do you think Kanye West took it from behind or is this just a wild accusation by a bitter ex-girlfriend? Sound off in the comments section below and on social media (@TheManilaLink).

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