Why 34% Filipinos aren't voting in 2016: "Walang artista e, AlDub sana"
PHILIPPINES - In a survey conducted by the National University of Singapore, 34% of the Philippine population aren't going to vote in the 2016 presidential elections simply because there are no celebrities running.

"Wala namang artista e. Wala akong kilala," said Marlou Valares as he laughed while driving. The 53 year old jeepney driver hasn't voted since Fernando Poe Jr. ran for presidency in the 2004 elections. Previous to that, he proudly stated that he voted for Joseph "Erap" Estrada along with almost 11 million other Filipinos.

Other registered voters such as Stephen Gomez and Victoria Silayan voiced out their disappoint with the lack of "good-looking" candidates. "Lahat sila parang hindi presentable. Dapat yung artistahin parang yung presidente ng Canada," said Silayan referring to the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau whose looks captured the hearts of the nation which spawned the trend #APEChotties during the APEC sessions in Manila.

Majority of the people along Quirino Avenue such as vendor "Aleng Pening" said that she'll only register as a voter and vote if either Alden Richards or Maine Mendoza of the popular noontime show couple AlDub ran for presidency. "Walang artista e, AlDub sana. Mas maganda nga kung president and vice president ang tandem nila. Mas maraming ma-eenganyo na bumoto nun," she said.

Whether or not other registered voters are voting on the 2016 elections, it is clear that there is a need for an "artistahing face" in the Malacañan Palace for the growing minority to event think of voting.

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  1. Salot na mga Aldub fans yan. Nabaliw na.

  2. la na pagasa habang may ALDUB na yn

  3. Putang inang aldub yan! Gawin daw VP at Pres.? Ano ng nangyari s utak ng mga tao? Natunaw n ata kakanood ng tv eh...