PLDT To Reduce Internet Speed Of Customers That Complain About Them
ML - In a shocking turn of events, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) has announced that they will start reducing the internet speed of customers that complain about them online.

The largest telecommunications company in the Philippines released a statement to the press after "enduring cyber bullying on Facebook and Twitter." "We are going to throttle customers who publicly bully PLDT as a whole," said Julian Vega, a spokesperson for PLDT.

The issues began when Facebook users began posting complaints on the comments section of the PLDT Home Facebook page's posts. You can view the PLDT Home Facebook page here.

After the announcement, no complaints have been made publicly so far, but a PLDT in-house technician that refused to be named said that they're cross-examining the names of the customers to the names that they post with on Facebook.

"Kung ang subscriber name niyo ay name niyo din sa Facebook, wag na kayo mag-post ng reklamo. Babagal ang internet niyo," said the technician.

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  1. What about the legitimate complaints? Will that be a ground for reduction of speed? That doesn't make sense. Customers pay for those service, right? And when was bullying back do any justice...

  2. WTF??

    According to Consumer's Association of Penang (,
    "Your original basic consumer rights are:
    -----The right to choose
    -----The right to safety
    -----The right to be informed
    -----The right to be heard
    Through Consumers International, four more rights were added as follows:
    -----The right to redress or remedy
    -----The right to environmental health
    -----The right to service
    -----The right to consumer education"

    I'm a high school student and I know my rights, and they're being violated...

    Right to Choose & Right to be Informed:
    Do we really have a choice? And if we did, and we complain, it's not our fault. We didn't know "everything" PLDT could offer

    Right to be Heard & Right to Redress and Remedy:
    This is a direct threat against complaints. WTF?? Just because you monopolize the business doesn't mean you have to be arrogant. This isn't even legal.

    Right to Service:
    "We are dedicated in providing you... blah blah blah *insert big words they also don't understand*" WOW
    The costumers expect you to provide convenience, that's what we pay you for. Seriously, do you really think that bullying your consumers is part of your ""service""?

    P.S. This post was supposed to be longer but I deleted paragraphs cause I think no one's ever gonna read this anyway :)

  3. This is exactly the reason why the country is not developing. The local company PLDT is manipulating and threatening their subscribers just because they have the upper hand. These are legitimate concerns and they need to wake up! It's been going on for a long time.

  4. Hmm. I had PLDT for several years, and they were quite good. I got the speed I paid for, and was rarely disconnected. All-in-all, I was a happy customers and had only good things to say about them.
    BUT, with this policy, they drop to and secure a rock bottom level och customer awareness.
    Stay away from this company in all means as bad business ethics should be punished with loss of sales.