AlDub Fans Rejoince In Unison As #ABSCBNSaySorryToUPLB Trends
TWITTER - "Even Manila Link is more credible than ABS-CBN News," said one of the many fans of the fictional AlDub couple.

The #2 news source in the Philippines came under fire as they published obvious clickbait headlines targeted at Vice President Binay's forum at UPLB on September 15. ABS-CBN News claimed that students of UPLB shouted "trapo" instead of "sample" and that the Vice President felt disrespected by the questions and "allegations" by the students of the esteemed University.

Here's an open letter that was posted on Twitter.:

#ALDUBMostAwaitedDate breaks 10M goal
AlDub beat their own record by taking the hashtag to 10,000,000+ tweets on Twitter. Most of their fans were reportedly ecstatic at yet another ABS-CBN mishap claiming that Manila Link is more credible than the "almost satire" news company.

"Buti pa AlDub 10 million tweets? Eh yung ABS-CBN? Nag-ttrend nga, against naman sa kanila," said one of the many AlDub fans on Twitter whose timeline contained many retweets of AlDub-related tweets claiming that she has no time for her personal life and has neglected feeding her children their lunch because she wanted to watch AlDub on TV.

UPDATE: ABS-CBN Posts Their Apology
In a five paragraph "apology" letter that did not contain the word "sorry," ABS-CBN attempted to put a stop on the bad publicity with their smugly written damage control. You can read it on their website.

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