Video: STD Prank Backfires On Prankster
YOUTUBE - It seems pranks are all the rage now. From people pranking their friends, families, and even complete strangers.

Some of these pranks are harmless fun, while others seem to cross a line. The best is when the prank back fires on the prankster, causing them to be the butt of the joke.

The guy over at the YouTube channel MysticGotJokes, loves pranking people. It’s basically all his channel is. In one of his latest videos he decided he was going to prank on of his lady friends. But instead of making it a light harder joke he decided to cross a line.

He had a friend call him to give him his “STD test results”, and you guessed it they weren’t good. The idea was to have the girl freak out and worry that she might have them. The only thing is the girl knew it was his friend.

So she decided to turn the prank around on him. Telling him that it was her fault because she never told him, she had a STD. This freaks out Mystic and he almost loses his mind!

She finally tells him that she knew all along, causing him some immediate relief. Maybe next time he decides to prank somebody he’ll make sure they aren’t in on the prank.

What would you do if your significant other tried to prank you like this?

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