Sales Lady Fired For Calling A Transgender "Ma'am-Sir"
MANDALUYONG - A sales lady for a popular mall in Mandaluyong was reportedly fired after calling a transgender "ma'am-sir."

The sales lady, who we'll call "Karen" as she refused to give her real name, got into a quarrel with a transgender in the popular Mandaluyong mall. The transgender, Adrian Gonzales, born male, was window shopping in the lady's footwear area when Karen called her attention.

According to Gonzales, it was in the Alexander Wang isle.

"Nag-lalakad ako, minding my own business, tapos tinawag ba naman niya (Karen) ako. 'Ma'am-sir, Alexander Wang. 50% off po.'" ("I was walking, minding my own business, then she (Karen) called for my attention. 'Ma'am-sir, Alexander Wang. 50% off.'")

"I was very offended. I've already transition from male to a female, then she'd (sic) disrespect me by calling me ma'am-sir? Where's the professionalism?" Gonzales filed a complaint against Karen who was then released from her post this afternoon after a mutual agreement with the mall.

Bystanders during the quarrel said that Gonzales immediately raised her voice at Karen and feinted slapping the security guard who was attempting to separate them from each other.

Netizens have already come in defense of Karen, who they think is the one being oppressed in the situation. One user from Twitter posted: "I don't know the entire story, but Karen seems to be the one being bullied, so I will side with her."

Gonzales, who made public comments about the mall on her Facebook account has since switched off her social network profiles including her Instagram and Twitter accounts to avoid "being bullied."

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  1. ano naman bago sa MA'AM, SIR na tawag ng mga sales clerks. di na bago yun. masyado lang sensitive yung Adrian Gonzales kaya ginawang issue ang discrimination on LGBTI! lalo na ngayon na mas open na halos buong mundo sa LGBTI. im certain na marami na sa inyo yung nakaranas na pag pumapasok ng mga mall or establishment na ang bati lagi ng mga staff e 'hi ma'am,sir' or 'good morning/afternoon/evening ma'am,sir'. madami ako LGBTI friends pero masyado lang talaga nag-react si Adrian Gonzales

    1. nagpapansin,gusto lang sumikat..E di pasikatin ang k*mag..nasa pinas ka Adrian Gonzales kalakaran ang pagtawag ng mga MA*AM at SIR sa mga nagdadaan sa mga mall bibili man o nagwiwindow shop.. May mga taong alanganin ang pisikal na katauhan at sila naman ay tanggap sa lipunan ngunit ang nakakasuka ay yaong alanganin ang paguugali...