Rapper 50 Cent Changing Rap Name To 5 Cent
NEW YORK - Rapper 50 is making headlines after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy and now changing his rap name to 5 Cent.

Curtis Jackson, more known by his previous rap name 50 Cent, told the media that he intends to change his rap name to 5 Cent on all records from this point on. He said, "I want this change to reflect my current state in life. I'm down right now, but I'll get back up there."

Jackson lost a case over a sex tape he produced commentary on. He was to pay $5m and excess before filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Lastonia Leviston sued the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper for invasion of privacy over the 13-minute video which appeared on the internet in 2009, featuring 50 Cent wearing a wig as narrator "Pimpin' Curly".

"This is not the end. I will be 50 Cent again," said the now 5 Cent. "I ain't done yet."

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