Nobody In The Philippines Knows What "Satire" Is In Tagalog
UST - According to a research published by the University of Santo Tomas, out of 1,000 who Filipinos who were surveyed, nobody knew what the word "satire" translates to in Tagalog.

A 2,581 page research on satire published by Asia's oldest university detailed how nobody in the Philippines knows what "satire" translates to in Tagalog. 13% knew what the word meant, but none could give a one word synonym in Tagalog.

"Even us, the professors, don't know what 'satire' is in Tagalog. We haven't Google'd it yet. We don't trust the internet -- especially Wikipedia since everyone can edit that," said 2-year Filipino-American professor Jeff Cole.

A Google search returned that "uyam" is the Tagalog equivalent of "satire," but none of the professors in UST accepted it. "Someone probably edited Google and put that there, we do not trust it one bit," said Cole.

According to UST, the lack of knowledge as to what "satire" translates to in Tagalog is the primary reason why Filipinos can't differentiate "satire" from "hoax" and "fake." The full 2,581 page research can be downloaded in UST's library. It's a 8.31 GB uncompressed file.

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