Filipinos Ranked As The #1 Cyberbullies In The World
TORONTO - A University of Toronto research showed that Filipinos are the undisputed #1 bullies on the internet. See the rest of the list here.

3. Americans (United States)

Americans or more infamously, "black Twitter," is the main cause of bullying on social media. Tweets posted by people of African-American descent have turned from playful bashing to "roasting" in which the person being bullied is harassed by multiple people at once. Research also showed that nude pictures of celebrities and non-celebrities alike spread faster among the black community.

2. English (United Kingdom)

The English, according to research, has a more "elitist" cyberbullying technique in which they harass a person, usually of different origins, as being less of a human than they are. 33% of bullies on the YouTube comments section are from England. "Fat People Hate," a community formerly based on the popular social networking site reddit, was also led by a majority of English folks. They routinely harassed, bullied and dehumanized people that they considered obese.

1. Filipinos (Philippines)

Filipinos are the most active bullies on Twitter, Facebook and on forums according to the research. 1 out of 4 cyberbullying incident is attributed to a Filipino. The languange difference, since the majority of Filipinos use their native languange, makes the bullying of international celebrities go unnoticed. A primary example was during the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Filipinos took to Twitter to call the Mayweather family "a bunch of monkeys." Filipinos are also the blame for 85% of cyberbullying incidents on popular computer games Dota 2 and League of Legends.

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