Filipino "Fight Club" Discovered And Shut Down
MAKATI - 27 suspects were arrested today at a raid in an undisclosed warehouse in south Makati. Police said there was an illegal fight club operating in the area led by Maximo "Brad Pitt" Mariano.

Inspired by the movie "Fight Club," Mariano founded the illegal fighting organization in Las Piñas before moving to Makati summer of 2014. According to a notebook confiscated during the raid, the said fight club has a total of 85 members.

"Napanood ko kasi yung movie ni Brad Pitt. Kaya gumawa kami ng kuya ko ng sarili naming Fight Club," said Mariano. ("We watched Brad Pitt's movie. So my brother and I made our own Fight Club.")

Mariano explained to the police officers that he has a brother named Allan who is his accomplice but records show that he is an only child. Psychiatrists have been running tests on Mariano since this afternoon and will release findings before the court hearing.

In the Fight Club movie, the protagonist has a split personality who he thought was another person until the end. Mariano's stories have loose ties to the movie's storyline which is also being investigated by the police.

More on this story as it develops.

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