Facebook Debate Sparks God Vs Science In Schools
FACEBOOK - A screen cap of an argument among students sparked the debate whether theology and science shouldn't mix together in schools.

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The pro-God stance argues that schools should not teach science, especially the Big Bang Theory, as the root of men and all creations. "We don't care what facts they have, we have the Bible," said one netizen in response to the viral screen cap.

The pro-Science stance argues that teaching God as the root of all creations disqualifies and "disrespects" other beliefs. "Science has facts, these religious people should know how to respect facts. Whenever we try to argue with them, they just say 'bla bla bla, you're going to hell,'" said Martin Baltazar in a Facebook post.

Celebrities have been tagged on both Facebook and Twitter, but no big names have chimed in on the debate so far.

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