DMCI To Construct 29 More Buildings Behind Rizal Monument
MANILA - DMCI has released an artist rendition of what they plan to do behind Rizal Monument. "We are planning to build 29 more skyscrapers," said DMCI spokesperson Arnold Miranda to the media in a presser earlier today.

DMCI's Vision
"We plan to build a total of thirty skyscrapers behind the Rizal Monument. The city's skyline will be more magnificent than it already is," said Miranda. "The DMCI board understands that the monument has a sentimental value, but we have to advance with the times. Our emotions can't bar us from advancing economically."

Torre de Manila, the first building planned by DMCI, is already halfway finished according to Miranda. "After the construction of Torre de Manila, we plan to build 2 more next to it. A business hub and a shopping hub."

Public Backlash
The public took to social media to voice out their objection with DMCI's plans. "How dare they? Why would we let them taint one of our national treasures?" Bryan Allegro lashed out on DMCI through Twitter adding, "I'd rather we stay behind economically than lose the heart and soul of the country."

#StopDMCI trended for 2 hours worldwide before dwindling down to just the national level.

Minority Support
A minority, however, supports DMCI including many celebrities and politicians. Companies also expressed their approval with DMCI's plans to paint the skylines of Manila in yellow with the lights of the skyscrapers at night.

DMCI's plans are expected to come to fruition in late 2017 with all of the projects being finished by early 2021.

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  1. DMCI owners are Japanese that's why they don't care for our Rizal Park!