DeAndre Jordan Signed The Wrong Contract, Will Go To The Knicks
LOS ANGELES - News has broke out that former Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has signed the wrong contract and will go to the New York Knicks under a 4-year $15 million deal.

"Someone slipped a contract signed by Phil Jackson for the Knicks instead of the one for the [Los Angeles] Clippers," said Jordan's agent. "We are pushing for an appeal and a meeting with the commissioner Adam Silver in order to correct this drastic mistake."

DeAndre Jordan told the media that he's very disappointed with the New York Knicks' "trickery." "I honestly thought Phil Jackson [would] be better than that," he finished.

It is important to note that Jordan verbally agreed to sign with Mark Cuban's Dallas Mavericks, but after a whirlwind of events including the whole Clippers organization locking him down at his Houston home, he was led to a decision to sign with the Los Angeles second team.

Social media has reacted with the contract issue using the hashtag #ContractGate on Twitter and Facebook. The NBA has contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to help with the case. "We are looking into possible loopholes including an assistant or secretary possibly disguising as a Clippers staff slipping the Knicks contract in front of Mr. Jordan."

More on this story as it develops.

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