"White Cholocate" Jason Williams Wants To Play In PBA
ORLANDO - Retired NBA champion Jason Williams aka "White Chocolate" has announced his interest to play in the Philippine Basketball Association.

"I can still go if you compare me to [The Panda's Friend]," Williams told Manila Link during a promotional interview for his soon-to-be released highlights mini-movie on iTunes. The Panda's Friend, born Ron Artest, currently plays in Europe professionally.

When asked on which team he'd like to sign to, Williams said, "isn't Pacquiao running a team down there? Maybe that one. We'll see."

Williams and Pacquiao briefly met in 2005 before one of the boxing superstar's fights.

The most recent video of Jason Williams showing off his skills in Orlando, Florida.

A native of West Virginia, Williams played college basketball for Marshall University and the University of Florida. The Sacramento Kings selected him in the first round of the 1998 NBA Draft. Williams also played for the Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, and Orlando Magic throughout his career.

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  1. shoulder pass to manny's face??

  2. Bakit hindi? I think he'll fit right in. He was never the type to depend on athleticism.