China Telecom Makes Fun Of Slow Philippine Internet
BEIJING - "Don't torture yourself with Filipino internet speed, subscribe to us now for the fastest broadband in Mainland China," said one of the TV commercials for China Telecom's service.

China Telecom is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company that also provides wired and wireless internet for 80.33% of Mainland China (Q1 2015). Their average internet speed is 18.3 Mbps, but has limitations on which sites their subscribers can visit.

Philippine telcos came under fire early this year for being in the bottom three of the slowest internet speed in Asia. The average being 3.6 Mbps compared to China's 18.3 Mbps.

Filipinos took to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the Chinese telco ad and pressure has been put on local telcos to boost internet speed. "It's inexcusable that we're one of the most advanced countries in Asia in terms of economy, yet our internet speed is in the bottom 3," said one of the users on Twitter.

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  1. Puta silang mga chekwa sila

    1. bobo lang tlga kayo

  2. At least there's no internet censorship in the Philippines. Unlike in China, you cannot access a lot of sites.

  3. Meaning if you cant access lots of sites, you got less bandwidth available inside the pipe.

  4. Putang inang mga inchick yan

  5. pabilisin kasi ang net, mabagal naman pala talaga

  6. china's internet is fast because everything is blocked. open up your great firewall and let the bottleneck begin.

  7. Mabagal naman talaga kasi internet dito sa pinas, kahit asean region kinakawawa tayo, bakit kasi may smart or kung sino man yung nagmomonopolize sa telecomunications natin dito. Wala tuloy competition at napipilitan tuloy tayo mga consumers sa low quality services na binibigay nila

  8. eh totoo naman na we have the slowest internet in asia. tangina!

  9. eh asa din naman pinoy ,gawa din ng inchick yung mga internet naten,huawei nga mapa pldt,smart o globe.kailan ba tayo sinuportahan ng kababayan naten.imbentor nga naten sa ibang bansa pa nakakakuha ng suporta.kahit moral supot pa.parang me utang pa tayo tuloy sa kanila kasi ginamit natin teknolohiya nilang tira tira.