The Voice Ex-Producer: "Pinipili na yung mananalo bago pa man mag-start."
QUEZON - The Voice of the Philippines ex-producer, Elliot Kho, told the media today that the winners of the show are predetermined before the show even starts.

"Pinipili na yung mananalo bago pa man mag-start," ("The winners are chosen before [the show] even starts," said Kho in an impromptu interview with Manila Link correspondent Arthur King. He was voicing out his opinions on the direction of the show and its spin-off, The Voice Kids Philippines. "The judges and other personalities are there simply for ratings. The production team does all the work with the set, the stories of the contestants and how the show pans out," said Kho.

When asked about the auditions, Elliot Kho said, "auditions are marketing tools used by the team. Pag nag-audition yung isa sa mga kakilala mo, free promotion na yun sa'min. (If someone you knew went to audition, that's free promotion for us.)"

"We pick contestants with the best stories. If someone had the look, we usually nitpick their real stories and make it more heartwarming for the masses. Sounds ugly, pero ganun talaga (but that's how it is)," said Kho as he closed out the interview.

Elliot Kho co-produced two seasons of Pinoy Big Brother as well, but did not give any statements on the reality show's structure other than, "if you watch the show and you have a high IQ, you're bound to realize what's really going on."

The Voice Kids Philippines is currently running its second season on ABS-CBN.

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