Floyd Mayweather: "Filipinos Are Emotional Inbred Monkeys"

LAS VEGAS - Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, Jr. lashed out against Manny Pacquiao and his Filipino fans in his latest Sports Illustrated interview. He was also quoted saying, "I don't expect anything less from mammals living in a third world country."

Boxing journalist Benjamin Keaney had a sit-down talk with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. for an interview with Sports Illustrated recently and asked the boxer several questions including his bout with Manny Pacquiao. "I won that match. He fights like a gorilla. He tries to pounce on me, but I'm a technician. I'm what a boxer should be and that's why people pay to see me," Mayweather told SI.

Mayweather also expressed interest in working with pop star Justin Bieber on a rap album consisting of 6 tracks featuring the Canadian singer. "We've began recording stuff, but the project got put on hold because of the fight."

The interview became heated when Mayweather watched a video on YouTube showing that Pacquiao landed more punches than him, in contrast of what the punch bot showed on the results. "What a bunch of [expletive]. The only people that would think Pacquiao won that match is his delusional ass and his [expletive] ignorant fans," said Mayweather.

The YouTube video shown to Mayweather

Mayweather told SI that, "Filipinos are emotional inbred monkeys. They ignore stats and facts, because they can't handle losing. I don't expect anything less from mammals living in a third world country. We all know they're only good at one thing and that's being a caregiver [sic]."

Social media erupted after the summary of the interview was released. Filipino Pacquiao fans were upset at Mayweather's "racist" remarks and wishes their country to put him on persona non grata.
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