FlipTop Rap Events Banned In Makati
MAKATI - The city of Makati has now banned all battle rap league events including the infamous FlipTop Battle League. The announcement was made today through the city's official Twitter account.

"FlipTop encourages people to bully each other for cheap laughs," said Dr. Raymond Alto, one of the psychologists consulted by the city. "If a child sees a video and thinks it's okay to make fun of your peers, be it their appearance or manner of speaking, then our future is doomed," added Alto.

The FlipTop Battle League is recognized as the first of its incarnation in the Philippines. Its growth was spearheaded by Anygma, the host, and a roster of battle rappers. It rose to notoriety through YouTube and the usage of one-liners in its videos as a means of word-of-mouth promotion.

The FlipTop Battle League is a tool used by musicians in the hip-hop genre to promote their music and merchandise. Notable success stories from FlipTop are:

- Abra
- Loonie
- Bassilyo
- Zaito
- Dello

All of which were able to release albums and receive mainstream radio attention after their FlipTop videos reached a million views.

Usually, the FlipTop battle rap matches consist of two participants exchanging rhyming lines in 1 to 3 minute time limits spread through three rounds. An overtime is granted if the five judges came to a tie or voted for an overtime round.

The most popular video of the FlipTop Battle League (featured below) as of this posting, however, is a 2-on-2 battle rap contest between the teams of Loonie/Abra and Shehyee/Smugglaz. The winning team in the tournament received cash prizes.

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