China Upset At Filipinos For Trying To Stop Yulin Festival
BEIJING - "It's our culture. If they don't like it, they can [expletive] off," cried one of the protesters at the Philippine embassy in Beijing. The Chinese protesters bashed the people who tried to stop the Yulin festival through the internet, primarily Filipinos.

The Philippines was on the spotlight on Chinese news again after a rally in support of the Yulin festival turned into an anti-Filipino protest that injured 2 worker at the Philippine embassy in Beijing. Many Chinese protesters voiced out their opinions against the Filipinos that brought the Yulin dog festival to international attention by trending it on the social networking website Twitter.

Despite the attempts of the international community to petition the end of the Yulin dog festival, the event was continued with supporters pouring in to participate. Despite what the protesters at Beijing believed, however, the Yulin dog festival has already been brought to international attention by multiple celebrities. Among the names that expressed their distaste for the festival are Ricky Gervais, Ian Somerhalder, Leona Lewis, Lori Alan, and Tom Kenny.

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