YouTube Removing Ads In Favor Of Monthly Subscription

YOUTUBE - The #1 media streaming website on the internet, YouTube, has announced that they will be removing in-video advertisements in favor of monthly subscription a la Hulu and Netflix. Free streaming will still be available, but will have mandatory 30-second to 5-minute ads before the video.

"All content will be on demand like how it is now, but we will have an option to subscribe as a premium member of YouTube," said YouTube and Google spokesperson Jordan Broad. "It will be called YouTube VIP or YTVIP. If you have it, you won't get ads on the start of the video. If you don't, you'll be watching a 30-second to 5-minute ad before the video starts."

Broad also confirmed that the ads are going to be based on the user's browsing history. "All the collected data from Google search, Google+ and past YouTube videos that you've watched will be taken into account before we play the ad," he said.

The announcement has been met by mixed reactions from social media. Others understood that this is vital for YouTube to continue as a top-level platform for content distribution while others felt "betrayed." The subscription will be transitioning into functionality within this year according to the press release from Google.
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