Philippines Banning LoL, Dota 2 and MOBAs in Computer Shops
MANILA - A bill has passed the hearing committee that will ban League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2 and other MOBA games in computer shops in the Philippines. This will be effective next month from the date.

Filipino gamers were shocked as the news of their favorite pub games being banned hit the waves today. Many took to Facebook and Twitter their disappointment over the decision to pursue the ban after a double murder that occurred recently in Cavite over a LAN game of DotA (Defense of the Ancients).

Mineski members were 'disgusted' with the move and expressed interest in possibly moving to South Korea or America to pursue their e-sports careers there in the MOBA leagues. The global gaming community also sent out their sympathy to Filipino games and called for an appeal with the local government.

Dasmarinas has already banned the game of DotA inside computer shops, but after the nationwide ban was announced, many computer shop owners were confused and worried about losing their loyal hour-to-hour customers and patrons.

Many online petitions have been started with the most popular one on Facebook receiving already 8,300 comments at the time of this posting. More on this story as it develops.
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    1. No , they should ban them all , because nearly all filipino players talk in english like this ( bery bery bad , gaymers , incedont , fuck spellings lol ) or probably just spam tang ina mo and crush the ranked matchmaking


  2. I hope they use Permits atleast.... like you have to get a permit to be able to host that game in your computer shops..... and when deciding to approve permits they will be subjected to survey if that specific shop is near a school/university and such facilities

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