LeBron James Admits That He Uses Steroids
CLEVELAND - As LeBron James leads the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Playoffs, the two-time NBA champion announced to the media that he used steroids in the offseason per ESPN.

During an interview with ESPN, the star forward admitted to using steroids before the season started. He confirmed, "I used performance enhancing drugs in the offseason, I admit that. But the testing only counts during the season." He also pointed out that other NBA players do the same but did not name anyone specifically.

When asked how long he's been using steroids for, he jokingly responded, "I've doing this my whole life. How do you think my hairline got like this?" Before the interview ended, he did clear up that he started using steroids during his final year in St. Vincent-St. Mary High School on his own terms.

LeBron James also spoke about his 10th trip to the postseason as the Cavs closed out the season with a 34-9 record, his sibling-like relationship with Kyrie Irving and his disconnection with Kevin Love. Watch the full video on ESPN.
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