Student Hit by a Car While Playing Clash of Clans
MANILA - A 19-year-old student in Manila was hit by a car in the sidewalk which caused his death. Authorities are blaming the popular game application Clash of Clans for distracting the victim and his friends which led to the accident.

According to the buddies of the victim, they were walking peacefully whereas Ortiz' eyes were focused on the game he was playing on his phone. He was playing Clash of Clans when an automotive mercilessly ran him down onto the sidewalk.

The drunk suspect tried to bring the student to the hospital only to shockingly discover that Ortiz was already dead. The suspect is currently facing multiple violations and is currently sleeping in jail. The authorities warned smartphone users to avoid using their phones when on the street.

"They shouldn't use their phones no matter if they're walking or driving," said PNP spokesperson Alvin Cortez to the press. Cortez also sent his regards to the family and friends of the victim.

Ortiz' friends shared that the victim was a awfully addicted gamer of Clash of Clans. His dream was to become a prime player of his in-game clan. Although his phone remains operating, it'll be buried beside with him.
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