NASA Confirms UFO Will Arrive in 2 Years
WASHINGTON - NASA officers are reporting what they believe to be, aliens traveling towards our planet Earth and are set to arrive here sometime in 2 years.

This is the perfect time in history that aliens are really detected and discovered via telescope and sound waves. officers say they have captured sound frequencies of the oncoming extraterrestrials and have even “heard their voices”.

"This is probably the first stunning discovery nevertheless, it's been debated for hundreds of years on whether or not or not these out-of-the-Earth creatures even exist, but now, we have a firm ground to believe that they exist,” says independent agency reporter Larry Fields. The likelihood that these outside beings will come back to try and do hurt is very high, according to government officials. Will a fourth war break out? A nuclear war between humans and aliens?

Officials couldn't read the particular beings' physical characteristics with pictures from the Hubble telescope, however solely the satellite during which they're traveling in. There are six total spacecrafts incoming and are believed to be a similar size — about 0.5 of a playing field for a regular football game.

The White House and other presidential suites around the world are yet to release a statement regarding this matter. Stay tuned to Manila Link for more updates.
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