Man Killed His Coworker Because of Facebook Game Requests
OKLAHOMA - A 43-year-old man killed his 35-year-old coworker because he was "annoyed of receiving Facebook game requests every hour." The game in question is a Facebook farming game that lets a player receive bonuses for every accepted game request.

Mildred Tanner, who works as an IT consultant for a firm in Oklahoma, admitted to killing his coworker. Leigh Brown has been missing for two weeks and the last time anyone heard from him was from a Facebook game invite. Tanner was one of the recipients of the many invites Brown has been sending in the last seven months.

"I just couldn't take it anymore. Every month, [Brown] starts playing a new game and he sends all these invites. It's [expletive] annoying," told the police after confessing that he killed Brown and has kept him in the trunk of his car since then.

The authorities are conducting an investigation over Tanner's case and other cases linked to Facebook game requests. Facebook is yet to release a statement to the press.
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