Kanye West: Twitter Better Let Me Follow Myself or I'll Leave!

LOS ANGELES - Most people who are connected to social media are aware that self-proclaimed genius human being, producer and rapper Kanye West hates paparazzi. However, we’ve learned that paparazzi isn't the sole issue the polemical rapper hates. In an interview earlier this morning, Kanye West his hate for the social media web site Twitter just because he cannot follow himself. Wow! Kanye West has all the right to hate Twitter, doesn't he?

Those who are acquainted with Twitter understand that you just cannot follow your own account; and all of us here couldn’t consider a good reason why any typical human would need to follow themselves, however of course, this is the great Kanye we’re talking concerning here.

"I don’t often use Twitter since I can’t follow myself,", said Kanye West, “I solely use Twitter to not foil my voluminous followers… I ought to have additional [followers] tho', real talk, what’s wrong with y’all?” finished the rapper.

I mean, what's wrong with the man? Last month, he criticized his daughter North for crying while he was playing his Yeezus album in his home, and then this. Kanye West presently has eleven million followers on Twitter and solely follows one person back, are you able to guess who? That's right, Kim Kardashian-West.

Kanye West also considered the idea of creating his own on-the-cloud Twitter-like website where he's the only one you can follow, so he can ultimately follow himself. We don't expect Twitter to permit users to follow themselves within the future, however, we will not be shocked if they solely enable Kanye West to follow himself. Leave the man be! He's a genius.
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