US President Trumps Australian Prime Minister at G20
BRISBANE - Currently in progress this weekend is the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia of which twenty of the leaders of the world come together to talk about many different issues including economical problems.

One of the speeches during this event was U.S President Barack Obama at the University of Brisbane, He spoke on the many issues such as women and gay rights, climate change, the Asia-Pacific region as a whole and the threat of the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

The current leader of the world's only superpower also took the time out to throw some jokes around with the people in attendance, admiring the local beer to go along with the warm weather.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has thus far been upstaged by the other world leaders as he and his government push aside or ignore these issues, Hopefully this G20 event makes the current Australian government rethink such issues sooner rather then later.

The full forty one minute speech can be viewed in full below.

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