Taylor Swift Back to Dating to Prepare for Her Next Album
PENNSYLVANIA - An undisclosed source has reported that twenty four year old singer Taylor Swift has returned to dating once again after a year touring, recording and releasing her new album "1989" which was released just last month despite the name.

The source close to Swift said, "yeah, [Taylor] has taken time off from relationships again since breaking up with [Harry Styles] back last year and wanted to focus on writing songs about that breakup." The source also said that majority of 1989's songs are inspired directly by the One Direction member.

Another source told us, "since the breakup, she's been writing all about him -- all the time and it's effecting her more then a lot of people think. She thought earning $60,000 via Spotify wasn't enough, so she took down all her songs."

If she is currently with anyone is at this moment in time unknown. 1989 has been so far the only album to go platinum in 2014 and with the end of the year in sight, it might be the only one of the year much to the delight of the Swifties.

UPDATE - Multiple sources have told us that Taylor Swift might also be looking to hook up with an ex. Stay tuned for more updates.
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