Sixers Going for 0-82 Says Inside Source

PHILADELPHIA - "The Philadelphia 76ers are aiming for a winless record this season," says a NBA insider. Rumors surfaced early this season when the Sixers opened their first five games with five losses. "They want all the draft picks they can get and they're not taking any chances," added the insider.

"They tanked so good last year, they think they can do it again," the insider told us, "and they want to perfect it this time. They want to go for 0-82." The impossible might just happen as the Sixers are still winless this season.

Michael Carter-Williams has already been evading questions regarding tanking. Instead, he resorted to joking with the media and saying that he watches The Ellen DeGeneres show to get his mind off the losses. "He's taking his mind off the loses, but he's still focused on losing," the NBA insider reported to us in a call. "'Why win now when you can win later?' That was one of the things that came out of the GM's mouth earlier this week in a player-corporate meeting."

And who could blame them? They're already off to a good start in losing. The Sixers can potentially cap it off with the worst season ever in NBA history. That will add them to the record books and land them good picks next year.
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