Recreational Marijuana Being Legalized in 2 Years

MANILA - A law to legalize recreational use of cannabis (marijuana) has passed with 83% of the votes in favor of it. The voting was held today and the landslide result shocked the hall. "We expected them to be in favor of the law, but not a lot of them," said one of the spectators in attendance.

After a long and tiring campaign to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, weed users have won. The law is expected to undergo some minor changes. A law that will cover the merchandising and retailing of the plan is already in the works as a follow-up.

A few excerpts from the voted legislation included a highlight that said, "smoking of marijuana will be classified as regular cigarette smoking and should not be done in public places. Private areas, however, is open for marijuana smoking."

The lawmakers are still yet to decide when they're going to attend the hearing regarding the recreational edible marijuana law as it is contained under a different file.
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