Jonah Hill to Star as Homer Simpson in 2017
LOS ANGELES - Yes, you read it correctly! Our sources have told us that the next cinematic installment of everybody’s favorite yellow family will be hitting the silver screen in live action. This near-controversial decision has been said to be given the green light from The Simpsons show’s creator Matt Groening due to it being an "exciting growth opportunity" for our beloved four-fingered characters.

Possibly the most exciting idea to come from this concept is which Hollywood superstar will be given the honor to dawn the infamous blue pants of Homer Simpson, there has been a variety of big names thrown into the mix varying from Michael Chiklis to Zach Galifianakis, but the supposed front runner to become our donut guzzling hero is 22 Jump Street star Jonah Hill. Dan Castellaneta, voice actor for Homer says that "Hill’s zany slapstick humor will encapsulate Homer perfectly.”

This Cartoon Cinematic Revolution is said to go into production March 2015 and Hit screens by August 2017. Fingers crossed to see what is to come.
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